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Your brand should do the talking for you.

Audenzia understands the importance of branding for a businesses success. And, we understand trying to do everything by yourself, is exhausting; analyzing the competition, figuring out your ‘ideal’ client, and creating your entire business branding.

Whew! If you weren’t spread thin enough with going it alone, creating content, being on every social media platform, all while trying to have a little free time. 

That’s why we offer offering branding services to small businesses and entrepreneurs – one less thing to have to worry about. Let us help your brand do the talking. Much like the branding teams of Target, Coke, Budweiser, we create compelling branding that will make you stand out from the competition and attract your clients.

Building a Brand

From picking colors and a logo, to identifying who your ‘ideal’ clients are, branding is the cornerstone of every business.

And while we see many opportunities to upgrade a businesses website and brand, we know all too often it is far too soon to make such recommendations.

Fast forward months to years later and the time finally arrives to refresh the brand – logo, story and website design. Audenzia is here to help entrepreneurs and small businesses succeed over their competition. We want your brand to do the talking. 


Colors, Logos, and Typeface

Target Audience / Clients

The people you want to serve

Competitor Research

What does your competitors look like?

Keyword Research

Words to help your audience find you

Branding is the foundation to any business because it communicates your purpose and values. Creating an authentic brand will help attract your key client through web design, social media images, product design, and more. We help your business tell a story through your logo design, colors, and typeface choices.

The best part about branding is that even successful businesses and entrepreneurs ‘rebrand’ – not just for new businesses. Whether you’re starting a new business or operating a seasoned business, we’ll work with you to create new branding or update your existing brand.

Branding is the first impression for your client, so let’s work together to make it a good one!

Brand Story

Logo Creation

Competitor Analysis

Website Design + Developement

Unique Value Propositions

Business Naming

Client Personas

Telling a better brand story!

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