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Better Brand Story Overview

Aaron Machado operates Macho Mentoring, giving struggling professionals hope for their business and life health through mentoring – including productivity, discipline, and self-respect. 

And like most small business owners, he’s spread quite thin as he manages many facets of the business, including promoting the work, doing the work, and sharing the work. Aaron is no stranger to building websites and marketing.  Consequently, finding the time to step back and evaluate the story he’s been sharing to his prospects and clients has been a challenge.

Keep reading to see how we machoed up to a new brand story for his business.

I started working with Macho Mentoring in 2020. At the time, he had recently designed a new logo and launched a podcast – The Wetdown a few months prior. And while I saw many opportunities to upgrade his brand, logo and design a website, I knew it was far too soon to make such recommendations.

Fast forward to 2022 and the time had finally arrived to refresh the brand, design a professional website and add keyword rich (on brand) content. Aaron gave Audenzia full reign over his much needed website design, content creation and seo optimization. Follow along below to see the process we undertook to tell a better brand story with Aaron Machado and Macho Mentoring.

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Aaron Machado
Aaron Machado
Macho Mentoring

Old Logo Design

Macho Mentoring Logo

Lack of Connection

There appeared to be a disconnect between his business + logo + website. At the core of his business, he does more than just mentor people. He makes longer lasting impacts on his clients’ lives.

Lack of Personality

Generic and didn’t align with the same experience one would encounter upon working with Aaron. Despite his face being his business, Aaron needed a more defined, branded, and professional logo.

Aaron’s potential clients are searching online for ways to improve their life; they are desperate for answers.

Reshaping the Brand Story

To offer Aaron the most compelling storyline for his prospects and clients, we performed an in-depth exploration of the Macho Mentoring business model to extrapolate his services, audience, competitors, and advantages. In the end, we presented Aaron with a condensed Content Marketing Style Guide to guide his future content marketing efforts.

Key Style Guide Points:

  • Unique value proposition
  • Services
  • Audience
  • Competition
  • Advantages


A website is one of the most important marketing channels any business or entrepreneur has. If clients can’t find you because your site is non-existent, outdated or you aren’t ranking well for keywords they are using to search for answers… you won’t be found! 

Aaron’s logo, brand and website needed revamped – new images, logo, colors, updated metatags and a fresh brand story to connect with clients. Here are 4 benefits to doing your redesign now:


Benefits of Aaron Machado + Macho Mentoring Redesign:

  • Increase SEO, and analyze keywords and metatags.
  • Realign content with sales and marketing goals. By rewriting and updating content we ensure that Aaron communicates his brand values in a clear way.
  • Optimize his clients’ journey. By creating a better experience for his clients and prospects we can optimize each touchpoint.
  • Add WooCommerce to sell products. 

New Logo Concepts

Audenzia DM Favicon
Audenzia DM Favicon

New Brand Identity

And from those concepts, we selected the following logo for a few reasons:

  1. Better connects with mission and vision.
  2. Functions well on multiple platforms, including website, social media, t-shirts, etc.
  3. Separates him from the competition in terms of quality.

Old Website

Macho Mentoring Website

Website Design

Once the brand identity was complete, it was time to turn our attention to putting that logo into a new website design. Actually, it was overdue – he was using a service – Snipfeed that wasn’t meeting his needs. 

Like all of our website projects, we walked Aaron through our brand story questionnaire, exploring the purpose, functionality, and content needs on the new site. Some of the needs that came to surface included:

  • User experience built around client lead
  • Better presentation of brand content
  • Ability to sell products

Here’s a quick glimpse at the finished site, but be sure to visit and experience it for yourself.

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