Website Design & Optimization


Website Design & Optimization

Professional. Engaging. Optimized.

Your website has 3 seconds to convince a person why your business is the best. Audenzia’s websites are designed and built to increase leads on both desktop and mobile devices using optimized website design and compelling copy.

Websites are created to elevate a businesses online presence. Let Audenzia help you enhance your brands story and on-line presence with an engaging and optimized website. Our goal is to help you exceed your goals!

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To Build or Not To Build a New Website

When Audenzia first meets with a client, we discuss whether a new website should be built, or if an overhaul is better. Our goal is to not reinvent the wheel or cost our clients more money. Let’s look at what we consider and the steps we take with each client.

Analyze current website

Can it be fixed or is a new one best?

Competitor Research

What does your competitors look like?

Personalized Web Design & Optimization

Present options for your businesses best strategy.

Strategic SEO Content

What keywords are currently being used? Design SEO content with keywords.

Website ‘construction’ & Optimization

Build, optimize and test your new design.

Social Media Integration

Integrate social media to increase SEO and brand awareness.

Audenzia Websites Are:

Modern & Visually Appealing

Optimized to Load Fast

User Friendly & Easy to Navigate

Responsive Across Devices

Targeted Keyword Copy

Designed for Conversions

Captivating Websites Attracts Clients

You’re website is a reflection of your business/brand. At Audenzia, we spend time getting to know you, your clients and what makes your business stand out. 

Whether we rebuild or repair your website, it’s more than ‘just a website.’ Your website is your digital business card and is a visual representation of your business.

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Keep In Mind…

Space is limited

Website are Costly

Patience is Required

Creativity Takes Time

Susan spends a lot of time preparing and creating proposals. If you require multiple meetings gathering her creativity (only to give to someone else), trying to negotiate her non-negotiable terms and rates, she will consider you too difficult to work with and cut ties immediately. 

Be respecful of creativity and time.

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